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Winter Wonderland, Canada 18/19

Well we are home and the post holidays blue are real! In December we packed out bags along with the rest of my family, 12 of us in total and were Canada bound for our first White Christmas all together.

Our first week in Banff, Alberta was amazing!  Busy, but awesome. Snow fell and the kids were absolutely mesmerised our first few days we spent trying to wrap our heads around how darn cold it was going from 40+ degree heat to -17 was a shock to the system that's for sure.

We unpacked and it didn't take long for the kids to make the hotel room feel like home. We wandered the streets a bit and saw so many amazing places to eat, and heck signs everywhere telling us weed was now legal, can you believe it was $10 for two joints (before you ask we didn't buy any haha)

We walked along the Bow River, it was hilarious watching the kids chase squirrels through the snow. Baileys hot chocolate's became our new normal, gosh they were delicious. The coffee on the other hand was HORRIBLE! We couldn't wait to get home to a real coffee.

If you haven't got Lake Louise, well Canada on your bucket list add it now, put it right up the top, its one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been too.

Travelling with a one year old was hard work, in all honesty he was pretty good but we spent so much time putting shoes and gloves he refused to wear back on. Our older two on the other hand will never forget this trip and we are so grateful they got to experience this.

Big city life, Vancouver was our next destination. We had a few quite days inside as it was raining, and even though it wasn't as cold as Banff, cold and wet just don't mix. We visited the aquarium and did a bit of shopping. Granville Island, remember that name if you are ever there the food market was amazing! Im still here dreaming of all the pies, pastries, fruit and pickles!

I could go on forever about all the amazing things we done and seen I really could! But I figured you guys are here to see pictures so I will let them tell the story.

As you can imagine I took sooooo many photos but here is a small snippet into our incredible trip .


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