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An Afternoon with the Matthews

18th February 2018

The most wonderful thing about my job is that I get to meet a family, watch their excitement as they are days away from welcoming a new baby into their lives. They each have their guesses on what gender the baby will be, when he or she may arrive. Excitement and anticipation is high, yet this Mum to be is so incredibly calm.

As if that's not privilege enough, I'm currently on call to capture the home birth of this little babe, yes I said home birth! Sara had her heart set on birthing at home and I'm so empowered that she is making it happen with the support of Mary Ziegler - Changing Birth On Earth

Feast your eyes on this family of 4, as very soon there will be a new addition to fill my feed with cuteness. I'll just be over here running to my phone every time it rings.


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