Sarah Conlan


Oh hey there!

Im so glad you found your way here!

If you haven't figured it our yet, Im Sarah!


Never in my wildest dreams , did I think that I would  grow up to be a Lifestyle Photographer. Photography was always something that I had loved to do, as young girl with my best friend we would buy the old wind and click kodak cameras and set up back grounds with sheets, it wasn't until years and babies later that I decided to make something I love into a job! Now that Im doing it, I honestly could imagine doing anything else, it is truly my passion!

Fun fact: That best friend is a photographer too, so we really did know what we wanted all along.

I also didn't think I'd be married with 3 kids, my husband and I are raising a blended family, and my goodness its hard work. Between work, kids, sports and life in general it all gets pretty hectic. Would I change it? HELL NO! I type that whilst my two year old is having a tantrum because he can't find his orange car, Im sure you mumma's can all relate right?

We live 900km from civilisation but we wouldn't have it any other way, we love being outdoors and live for wet season when all the rivers are flowing!

Though we travel a lot, Canada, Vanuatu, New Zealand just to name a few! Bali and Japan are next!

As for me? Some things I love are, well my family of course and anything with chocolate or cheese! I do pottery twice a week its my zen time! I have a fear of water if I can't see the bottom.  I have AMAZING people in my life, they fill my cup! 

Photography has taught me how important it is to be present!  I literally spend my time capturing families being present, what a darn gift that is!!


Im always up for exploring, so if that something your up for our session will be a whole lot of fun.

Though if your looking for a traditional White Shirts & Jeans or " Say Cheese" photographer, Im not the one. I can't say I love posed images however don't worry you won't be lost! I will give you plenty if direction and have lots of fun games we can play to make sure you feel right at home with me. I like to think of my work as real, joyous and genuine. I want to covey your story and your emotions so you can step right back into that moment when you look at your images.

Thats it's you pretty much know me and I cant wait to get to know you!

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